Pantry Pests – Prevention and Control

There are lots of pests that you can bring into your house from the wet market. There are moths, weevils and beetles in addition to cockroaches. Flower arrangements or decorative corns that are already dried, cake mix, chocolates, spices, muse and rat baits, cookies, granola, crackers, birdseed, pet food, dried beans, cereal and pasta are just some examples that can cause pests. Thus, indoor pest control is needed.

If such types of foods are being kept for a long time, these pests’ eggs might be hatched and can go into their cycle without you knowing that they do exist. There are some steps you can take as pests control, thus controlling the infestation:

If you have moths, weevils or beetles, you should empty all your drawers, cabinets and even pantries where in there is a proof of insects. You need to distinguish which foodstuff is being infested. You must throw all the suspected containers as a source of infestation. You can put this stuff in a bag with zip lock or in a Tupperware if you want to be sure of saving them from the infestation. You can also put this food in a fridge for about 5-10 days for the possible pests to be killed. Just be careful to examine the cans for pests really love to nest under the can’s rims. The bottles or lids of jars also give pests their best nest sites.

And then use an aerosol having a crevice tip and a crack. We do advice to use CB-invader. Using the tip of the plastic infection, treat all the crevices and the cracks. You need to be sure that the corners, tops, back doors surrounding the hinges and all sides are being treated. It will kill all the adult pests but some pupae and eggs can still survive. In getting rid of cigarette beetles, you can spray them with Precor IGR solution to add up the crevice and crack works. It has a very good outcome in lessening the beetle population. For some pests in products that are stored like beetles and weevils, Gentrol Point Source or Gentrol will prevent the immature pasts from becoming matured and to reproduce adult pests. The use of it speeds up the pest elimination and avoids re-infestation. For constant pests like weevils and beetles, second or third spray of CB-invader for several weeks with the suspend SC will have a long-lasting spray for insecticide and odorless.

If you are having Mediterranean Moth, Indian Meal Moths or other grain and flour moths, you should have moth traps in the places wherein moths are flying. These baits are very useful because they will catch grain moth of an adult stage keeping them from hatching from their pupae cocoons. It has a strong pheromone of sex that pantry moths cannot refuse. Once these moths are being trapped anymore reproduce because of the absence of mating. These moths will fly into the trap and they will be stuck onto the glue inside the trap.

Pantry pests are very common and ordinary in many households. They are very irritating and annoying, but you can effectively manage your pests problems through following the methods mentioned above. For weevils and beetles, you may follow the first and second step. When any of the flour moth is your pest, you may follow the first, second and third steps. But there is an exception to some irregular adults for about weeks of pursuing the first treatments. If the pupae will all be hatching, you will be free from drugs by breaking the cycle.

If these little pests still bug you, then it might be best to quickly contact any integrated pest management service in order to stop your worries once and for all.

Source by Ann C Smith

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