Anti-Aging Facial Protocol Using Glycolic Acid

Before beginning any skin care regimen, please consult with your doctor.

The goal of the anti-aging facial is to keep at bay future aging (non-surgical results) and, to help correct past damage to the superficial tissues of the epidermis. Intrinsic factors such as: hereditary disposition (genetics) play a big role in overall skin health. Extrinsic hazards like medication(s)/drug(s) use/ or abuse; tobacco/alcohol use/abuse; hormonal fluctuations and SUN exposure can all wreak havoc on the skin. The SUN is the worst culprit.

The Integumentary System (skin) is the largest system of the body and encapsulates every other system and organ of the body. Without it we would resemble something out of a horror film…”THE BLOB.” There are six (6) functions of the skin: Absorption; Temperature regulation; Excretion; Secretion; Protection; Sensory. Due to its multiple functions, the skin is our first line of defense and should be treated with the utmost of respect.

Follow these instructions to help repair and to the best of our ability…prevent future damage. Even if you use another skin care line these steps can still be administered. This protocol is based upon LUMIRANCE and PURAMED Professional brands. Let’s get started.

1. Remove all make-up with Lotion Cleanser (LUMIRANCE) or any make-up remover.

2. Use warm face cloth and cleanse face with GREEN TEA CLEANSER (PURAMED) or GEL CLEANSER/ LOTION CLEANSER (LUMIRANCE). Use about the size of large pea and work into skin. Let remain on skin for about 3 minutes. This will help to break up and dislodge oils and impurities in the skin. This is similar to soaking a greasy pan after cooking.

3. Defat the skin with one of the following: 70%/ 90% alcohol or acetone (nail polish remover). Please use acetone with care as it is very drying. They all strip the face of all sebum (oil). They might sting, however. Use cotton pad/square and rub into skin. Leave to evaporate and do not rinse.

4. Apply chemical exfoliation from PURAMED 10 % glycolic or AHA 10% with Kojic product that you purchased with a cotton pad, fan brush or for more aggressive treatment use a gauze pad. Work into skin with circular motion paying particular attention to the corners of eyes, naso-labial lines (corner of nose to mouth). DO NOT GET INTO EYES!!! Use a q-tip and swipe under eye tissue as close to eye as possible. DO NOT USE ON TOP EYE LID!!! Leave on for up to 10 minutes. Please consider your ability to tolerate the peel solution. Fill sink with cool water mixed with a couple of spoon full’s of Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda). This will create a stop the reaction. Rinse several times at least (3 times). DO NOT RUB SKIN AFTER RINSE. BLOT SKIN DRY ONLY. The acid will tingle and feel itchy while on. The more you use it the less these symptoms will appear. Use every evening for as long as your skin can tolerate it without becoming raw or inflamed. Mild redness is expected. It might appear like a sun burn. This is normal. STAY OUT OF SUN FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME. NOTE: this treatment is meant to dry your skin and to loosen the bond between skin cell that will allow them to slough off. EXPECT PEEL TO SOME EXTENT. Everyone react differently due to sebum (oil) content of the skin.

5. Applications of Serums: Serums always come after the exfoliation phase of any facial and can be applied in any order. It is very important to remove the outermost, dead layers of the epidermis at least 2 to 3 times per week. Serums will penetrate deeper into the skin’s tissue more readily if you exfoliate first (either manual scrubs or chemical).

6. Apply your Vitamin C 14% serum. (PURAMED) or ANTIOXIDANT SERUM (LUMIRANCE). Use about two (2) pumps and work quickly into skin until absorbed. Can be used on hands and décolleté areas.

7. Apply your Alpha Arbutin Skin Lightener serum (PURAMED) or Skin Lightener (LUMIRANCE). Use one (1) pump. Apply quickly to face, neck and décolleté area. Can also be used on hands.

8. Apply your Hyaluronic Replenishing Serum (PURAMED) or THE SERUM (LUMIRANCE). Use one (1) pump and work into skin until absorbed. Apply to face and neck area. This stuff is the BOMB! You will love it!!!

9. Use your Green Tea SPF30+ Anti-Aging moisturizing (PURAMED) or HYRASHIELD 30 (LUMIRANCE) daily in the morning after you complete step 2 and after any peel exfoliation (step 4). Always wash your face in the morning and evening and use sunscreen during the daytime hours.

By committing to a daily program initially and then use as needed for maintenance, your skin will look and feel rejuvenated and clear.

Source by John F. Beavers

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